• sdkfScrewless Installation Connectors from Electro Terminal provide you all the sense of security and relief while handing thin wires of LED Strip. Some of the salient features as below: Clamping range: 0.2 mm² – 2.5 mm² for solid, rigid stranded and flexible wires. A number of wire cross sections can
  • While LED manufacturers are bringing more and more high power COBs to the market like Lumileds COB 1216, Citizen’s CLU550,  MechaTronix announces their new CoolBay® high bay cooler program. The CoolBay® is a passive round cooler based on the patented CoolTube® quadruple closed-loop heat pipe structure, which makes it the
  • SIMPLICITY WITH LEDesign™ LEDesign™ is a calculation tool to assist LED specialists in selecting the appropriate Helvar control gear for a given LED light source. Using the LED module’s main input data it will automatically recommend Helvar’s compatible driver. Additionally it will alert the user when LED modules are being
  • Helvar goes into Orbit with latest Lighting Control solution iDim Orbit is a revolutionary product for the industry. iDim Orbit offers up to three control channel outputs: two DALI broadcast outputs with integral DALI power supply and one switched mains output. The app is where the solution really comes into
  • Helvar’s L-iC-282 module has Tunable White capability. Our new linear Tunable White L-iC-282 LED module makes creating Tunable White lighting even easier for you. The module has two individual LED channels that provide a dynamic colour temperature range from 2700 K to 6500 K when operated with a Tunable White
  • Helvar launches four new hybrid dimmable LED drivers providing good quality light even on lower dimming levels. High efficiency linear drivers: the LL1x23-80-DA and LL1x80-DA-350-700 LED drivers with highest efficiency up to 0.95 and 0.94 accordingly. Compact drivers with SELV < 60 V protection: the LC1x35-DA and LC1x25-DA LED drivers
  • In the present competitive business so focused on appearance, showcasing merchandise in its best possible light is absolutely essential to maximize returns. Citizen Vivid Series is more than up to the challenge—generating brighter whites and vivid, saturated colors that ensure merchandise looks its absolute best. The diodes have been selected
  • DALI FOR CONSTANT VOLTAGE COVE APPLICATIONS As part of the DALI product portfolio, Helvar offers Constant Voltage Dimming Solution for indirect (cove) and/or decorative lighting. The extremely wide DALI dimming range (0.1%-100%) combined with higher PWM frequency (1 kHz) to reduce flickering light, offer superior dimming quality of the solution.