ORBIT ~ a complete room lighting control solution in single sensor.

Helvar goes into Orbit with latest Lighting Control solution

iDim Orbit is a revolutionary product for the industry.

iDim Orbit offers up to three control channel outputs: two DALI broadcast outputs with integral DALI power supply and one switched mains output.r6unqbd2kjn0n01p7dkr

The app is where the solution really comes into its own, providing a huge amount of customization, all available at the user’s fingertips.”

iDim Orbit’s mobile app features a library of standard application profiles, for example, classroom, office or corridor, as well as a profile scheduler which enables the sensor behaviour to be altered automatically during the day.

Custom profiles can also be configured to suit each scenario, with the app able to adjust a 2 stage sensor time-out, absence or presence detection, light level adjustment and dimming channel offset.

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