selection of right LED DRIVER ~ No PROBLEMS!!


LEDesign™ is a calculation tool to assist LED specialists in selecting the appropriate Helvar control gear for a given LED light source.
Using the LED module’s main input data it will automatically recommend Helvar’s compatible driver. Additionally it will alert the user when LED modules are being under powered or over driven.
CZ78NH9WQAAFYNeThe new version of our LEDesign calculation tool is available for download now.
It covers all our latest LED driver releases and the tool has a new and user-friendly user interface. New features have been added too.
The system efficacy (lm / W) can now be calculated based on the circuit power and luminous flux of light source.
This helps in choosing the most energy efficient solution. In addition to this, the driver efficiency is calculated with the chosen drive current.
This helps the user to choose the optimal driver for their LED application.

Online tool: Online version

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