Luxtron with Mechatronix, Taiwan launches patented High Bay Coolers and Accessories up to 35.000 lumen

While LED manufacturers are bringing more and more high power COBs to the market like Lumileds COB 1216, Citizen’s CLU550,  MechaTronix announces their new CoolBay® high bay cooler program.MTX
The CoolBay® is a passive round cooler based on the patented CoolTube® quadruple closed-loop heat pipe structure, which makes it the most compact design on the market cooling down up to 35.000 lumen.
The CoolBay® comes in 2 power platforms:
The CoolBay® Giga up to 22.000 lumen in a diameter of 152mm and the CoolBay® Tera up to 35.000 lumen in a diameter of 192mm.