TRIAC Dimmer Interface

Good evening everybody!


We come across many enquiries for TRIAC dimming as they’re comparatively cheaper compared to 1-10V and DALI.

Therefore, we would like to present to you the TRIAC Interface.

The TRIAC interface (similar to the 1-10V and DALI interfaces) allows you to interface your installed constant voltage driver with our interface to make it TRIAC-compatible.

Salient features of this interface:
• The dimming curve can achieve 0%-100% brightness
• Supports 180W max (for 12V)
• Supports 360W max (for 24V)
• Smooth dimming curve
• Single channel output – 15A max
• No flicker is observed (as shown in the video)
• Supports all dimming systems including Helvar.
• Has power LED to indicate current status.
• Over current, over temperature and short circuit protection.
• Dimming curve difference can be changed suited to your needs using adjustable resistors
• Cheaper compared to DALI & 1-10V

• We see many uses for cases where you would want to dim lamps using ballasts. That is possible.

• Can be used when your customer wants dimming but needs it to be cheap.

In this video, we’re converting our DALI signal into TRIAC using our 452 1kW Universal dimmer.

Please do let us know your feedback on this product and forward any potential enquiries in the future.

Thank you and we hope you have a great day.


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