MULTISYSTEM® EVO is a complete 48V Magnetic Track system with tracks for different applications in order to meet all the technical and design needs. As previously for MULTISYSTEM®, the tracks all have the “smart core”. Cutting-edge technology is basis of “smart core”, with its integrated databus. The system, in all of its variations, provides freedom and flexibility in design. Building on the the “smart core” is possible with customized track profiles. This allows for even more application scenarios while still being compatible with the system and its components.
MULTISYSTEM® EVO includes different types of adapters, end-feeds and connections for the development of complete lighting projects. All this are suitable for use with MULTISYSTEM® range. All SENZAFINE linear light modules and MULTISYSTEM® READY products will be available in EVO version.

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Available in Dubai. We’re the main partners for Helvar, A.A.G. Stucchi, Citizen, MechaTronix, Almeco & ElectroTerminal in the Middle East. Our headquarters is in Dubai and we have many partners based in the Middle East region.

Compatible with A.A.G. Stucchi Track Systems.