Bandoxal Decor

infinite range of finish and colours

Designers are constantly looking for materials that can reproduce the rich variety of colours found in nature but they also propose new ones that are capable of giving a touch of originality to their creations.
bandoxalDecor is the answer to both these needs, thanks to the infinite range of colours that are ever-changing and always in line with the most current design trends.
The warm, earthy colours are paired with cool and metallic tones in a luminous rainbow. Its ability to replicate other metals is extraordinary: from titanium to steel, brass to copper, tin to bronze, silver to gold.  A world of colours to be discovered.

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Available in Dubai. We’re the main partners for Helvar, A.A.G. Stucchi, Citizen, MechaTronix, Almeco & ElectroTerminal in the Middle East. Our headquarters is in Dubai and we have many partners based in the Middle East region.