48V DC-DC driver for Magnetic Tracks

48V DC-DC LED Driver for A.A.G. Stucchi MULTISYSTEM, MULTISYSTEM EVO & Magnetic System that run on 48V.
350/500/600/700 mA adjustable current output via DIP switch.
DALI/1-10V/ON-OFF dimming options (we’re working on a new product for Bluetooth wireless dimming)


Current (mA) 350 mA 500 mA 600 mA 700 mA
Voltage (V) 3-40 V 3-40 V 3-40 V 3-40 V
Power (W) 2.1 – 14 W 3.0 – 20 W 3.6 – 24 W 4.2 – 28 W
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Available in Dubai. We’re the main partners for Helvar, A.A.G. Stucchi, Citizen, MechaTronix, Almeco & ElectroTerminal in the Middle East. Our headquarters is in Dubai and we have many partners based in the Middle East region.