CoolBeam® kits from MechaTronix!

Specifically made for the 2x2MX LED platform, MechaTronix has launched a series of patented building kits for outdoor luminaires like stadium lights, high masts and industrial flood lights. The kits can generated from 4,000 all the way up to 60,000 lumens.

Features and benefits:

  1. Patented fixture kits accommodating 3 to 12 CoolBlock SQ-01 2x2MX LED engines.

  2. Can be used for industrial flood lights, high bays, area lighting or applications that require 16,000 to 55,000 lumens.

  3. Various wall and suspended mount options.

  4. Compatible with drivers of major companies like Mean Well, Osram.

  5. Tiltable to over 90 degrees which allow users to freely adjust beam angles according to different needs.

The CoolBeam offers a range of 4 mounting kits for 2x2MX LED Coolers:

Please click here to visit the datasheet for more information.