LC35SE-CC-350-850-LOOP ~ New LED Driver from Helvar, Finland.

Looping compatible variant of 35W LC35SE-CC-350-850.

This Constant Current SELV60 LED-Driver comes with integrated strain reliefs, screwless clamps and double connectors enabling looping on site.



LC35SE-CC-350-850-LOOP is a Class I LED-Driver and it fits perfectly with Class I, II and III (SELV) luminaire parts in independent installation.

Output current can be set with LED-Iset resistors (LEDSet compatible) from 350mA to 850mA and fixed current of 600mA comes conveniently directly from connectors.

With double/reinforced insulation and maximum Uout out of 60V (ULED 25-54V) LC35SE-CC-350-850-LOOP meets the SELV requirements. Naturally LC35SE-CC-350-850-LOOP has lifetime up to 100000hrs, very low current ripple <1% (comply with IEEE 1789) and high efficiency.