ILLUSTRIS is a contemporary user interface with advanced lighting control features.

It incorporates a stylish, feature rich user interface. It integrates Bluetooth connectivity expands the control possibilities to smartphones and tablets via the SceneSet Helvar app for iOS and Android






ILLUSTRIS offers out-of-box control of standard DALI Type 6 dimmable, and DALI Type 8 colour devices for human centric lighting applications.

It can also be included as part of a Helvar control system for added flexibility.  Ideal for office, healthcare, residential and hospitality projects, where sophisticated lighting control with a high end look and feel are required.

The smart choice:  Three Front Fascia designs with a choice of finish and colour for standard dimmable, colour temperature or full colour control are available.  Choose the right fascia for your lighting needs and it works without any additional programming. Create the perfect lighting conditions for a particular task, increased user comfort or enhanced health and well-being, then store them as a new scene to be recalled when needed.

App connectivity:  Connect to ILLUSTRIS using the SceneSet app for full lighting control from the convenience of an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.  Security features ensure only authorised users can gain access to the lighting system.  Settings can be adjusted in the ILLUSTRIS panel and SceneSet app for an enriched user experience.

Out-of-box control:  Store default lighting pre-set scenes from the ILLUSTRIS panel or SceneSet app at the touch of a button.  Traditionally complicated colour temperature and full colour human centric lighting applications can now be set up easily, without the need for specialist commissioning.