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TRIAC Dimmer Interface

Good evening everybody!


We come across many enquiries for TRIAC dimming as they’re comparatively cheaper compared to 1-10V and DALI.

Therefore, we would like to present to you the TRIAC Interface.

The TRIAC interface (similar to the 1-10V and DALI interfaces) allows you to interface your installed constant voltage driver with our interface to make it TRIAC-compatible.

Salient features of this interface:
• The dimming curve can achieve 0%-100% brightness
• Supports 180W max (for 12V)
• Supports 360W max (for 24V)
• Smooth dimming curve
• Single channel output – 15A max
• No flicker is observed (as shown in the video)
• Supports all dimming systems including Helvar.
• Has power LED to indicate current status.
• Over current, over temperature and short circuit protection.
• Dimming curve difference can be changed suited to your needs using adjustable resistors
• Cheaper compared to DALI & 1-10V

• We see many uses for cases where you would want to dim lamps using ballasts. That is possible.

• Can be used when your customer wants dimming but needs it to be cheap.

In this video, we’re converting our DALI signal into TRIAC using our 452 1kW Universal dimmer.

Please do let us know your feedback on this product and forward any potential enquiries in the future.

Thank you and we hope you have a great day.


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Stucchi Tracks available in Dubai, UAE

EUROSTANDARD PLUS® 6 COPPER CONDUCTORS TRACK with Extruded Aluminium body from A.A.G.Stucchi, Italy

Three circuit track system, designed around the Eurostandard Plus® DALI platform, suitable for controllable and fixed output luminaries.

Available colors: black (B), anodized (G) and white (W)

Length:  1mtr, 2mtr, 3mtr & 4 mtr

The track is easy to mount and extend modular solution wherein each circuit can be controlled individually.

Compatible with most of international adaptors and accessories such as Global Trac®.

For more details please do click here.



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LC35SE-CC-350-850-LOOP ~ New LED Driver from Helvar, Finland.

Looping compatible variant of 35W LC35SE-CC-350-850.

This Constant Current SELV60 LED-Driver comes with integrated strain reliefs, screwless clamps and double connectors enabling looping on site.


Continue reading LC35SE-CC-350-850-LOOP ~ New LED Driver from Helvar, Finland.

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AC COB – No hassle for extra Driver!!

AC COB is brand new AC LED solution from Citizen Electronics. It is available with holder which contains necessary components to connect package directly to mains voltage. So basically it is designed to make life of luminaire manufacturer easier.AC COB has integrated circuit which allows you to control luminous flux more accurately. For all CCT and CRI versions you are able to have exactly same luminous flux from the package e.g. 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000 lumens. Continue reading AC COB – No hassle for extra Driver!!
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CoolBeam® kits from MechaTronix!

Specifically made for the 2x2MX LED platform, MechaTronix has launched a series of patented building kits for outdoor luminaires like stadium lights, high masts and industrial flood lights. The kits can generated from 4,000 all the way up to 60,000 lumens.

Features and benefits:

  1. Patented fixture kits accommodating 3 to 12 CoolBlock SQ-01 2x2MX LED engines.

  2. Can be used for industrial flood lights, high bays, area lighting or applications that require 16,000 to 55,000 lumens.

  3. Various wall and suspended mount options.

  4. Compatible with drivers of major companies like Mean Well, Osram.

  5. Tiltable to over 90 degrees which allow users to freely adjust beam angles according to different needs.

The CoolBeam offers a range of 4 mounting kits for 2x2MX LED Coolers:

Please click here to visit the datasheet for more information.

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ILLUSTRIS – Advanced Lighting Controls with contemporary User Interface

ILLUSTRIS is a contemporary user interface with advanced lighting control features.

It incorporates a stylish, feature rich user interface. It integrates Bluetooth connectivity expands the control possibilities to smartphones and tablets via the SceneSet Helvar app for iOS and Android

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CIRC270 ~ An Innovative solution to convert Bulk Head into LED

CIRC270  ~ An Innovative solution to convert Bulk Head into LED backed up by 3hrs of Emergency.

It is fully backed up by Helvar LED Driver & Eaton Emergency Kit and provides you reliability and energy efficiency.

The aluminium PCB obviates the need of extra Heat Sink and it can very well work at ambient of 45 deg C.

The Circular Shape and different fixing provisions allows this state of art unit to be fitted in different shapes and fixing options.