Senzafine for MULTISYSTEM


SENZAFINE is a modular approach from A.A.G. Stucchi system to make endless linear light possible inside MULTISYSTEM Tracks. The linear lights have the ability to clamp onto the tracks magnetically and can be provided with various lengths from A.A.G. Stucchi and us being their local partners in Dubai.


The different available opal or UGR<19 optics integrate well together with various CCT to guarantee efficient professional lighting and a wide number of choices with maximum freedom in your lighting projects.











UGR < 19




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Citizen COBs can be BLUE as well!! 25W to 243W typical – LES: Ø14.5mm to Ø32.8mm

new BLUE COB line from CITIZEN, JAPAN.

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LC35SE-CC-350-850-LOOP ~ New LED Driver from Helvar, Finland.

Looping compatible variant of 35W LC35SE-CC-350-850.

This Constant Current SELV60 LED-Driver comes with integrated strain reliefs, screwless clamps and double connectors enabling looping on site.


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AC COB – No hassle for extra Driver!!

AC COB is brand new AC LED solution from Citizen Electronics. It is available with holder which contains necessary components to connect package directly to mains voltage. So basically it is designed to make life of luminaire manufacturer easier.AC COB has integrated circuit which allows you to control luminous flux more accurately. For all CCT and CRI versions you are able to have exactly same luminous flux from the package e.g. 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000 lumens. Continue reading

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ILLUSTRIS – Advanced Lighting Controls with contemporary User Interface

ILLUSTRIS is a contemporary user interface with advanced lighting control features.

It incorporates a stylish, feature rich user interface. It integrates Bluetooth connectivity expands the control possibilities to smartphones and tablets via the SceneSet Helvar app for iOS and Android

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Simulators and selection tools || CITIZEN, JAPAN






Simulators and selection tools

From this page, you can find all the selection simulators and tools we have made for you. Including Citizen COB simulators. If there is anything you need, feel free to contact us.

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ORBIT ~ a complete room lighting control solution in single sensor.

Helvar goes into Orbit with latest Lighting Control solution

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LED Modules with Tunable White capability.

Helvar’s L-iC-282 module has Tunable White capability.

Our new linear Tunable White L-iC-282 LED module makes creating Tunable White lighting even easier for you. The module has two individual LED channels that provide a dynamic colnews photoour temperature range from 2700 K to 6500 K when operated with a Tunable White LED driver.

The module is a perfect match to Helvar’s Tunable White iC series LED drivers which can be controlled with DALI Type8 commands for colour control.

Technical details:

Luminous flux 1,000 lm
Colour temperature 2,700 K – 6,500 K
Efficacy Up to 160 lm/W


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Helvar launches Hybrid Dimmable LED drivers.

Helvar launches four new hybrid dimmable LED drivers providing good quality light even on lower dimming levels.

High efficiency linear drivers: the LL1x23-80-DA and LL1x80-DA-350-700 LED drivers with highest efficiency up to 0.95 and 0.94 accordingly.

Compact drivers with SELV < 60 V protection: the LC1x35-DA and LC1x25-DA LED drivers have been designed to give out a maximum of 60 V in any circumstance, thus making them safe and easy to design into luminaires.

Comparison of the dimming features of the products:

Product CCR dimming range PWM dimming range PWM dimming frequency
LC1x25-DA 40% – 100% 1% – 40% 800 Hz
LC1x35-DA 30% – 100% 1% – 30% 800 Hz
LL1x23-80-DA 20% – 100% 1% – 20% 1kHz – 8 kHz
LL1x80-DA-350-700 20% – 100% 1% – 20% 1kHz – 8 kHz





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COB Vivid ~ Makes your merchandise sells better.

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